Behind the Mask: On A DPR Level with Kassidy Ramirez

DPR SKN is skin care that goes deeper. Our philosophy is about helping people to get on a deeper level with their own skin care by integrating wellness and self-love to promote a healthy lifestyle. Through our product and the Journal, we share our advice, skin care and wellness tips, and overall how to be the best you can be. We love to read interviews and get a glimpse of people’s lives. We see that all day long on social media, and read countless celeb interviews, but let’s get to know each other on a DPR level and get inspired to embrace our natural beauty!

For our latest Behind the Mask feature, we interviewed the beautiful Kassidy Ramirez. She’s about to graduate from college, she models - you’ve probably seen her modeling for some of your favorite brands, and she loves to travel and spend time outside. She definitely has a positive light about her and radiates natural beauty. Get to know Kassidy on a DPR [deeper] level...


Tell us a little about yourself... age, where you live, what you do for work, what you’re studying, what you do for fun, etc.

I am in my 20’s and live in Orange County, CA. I am a full time student studying intercultural communications and I work as a model. As far as hobbies, I love to travel and do mostly anything active that is outdoors (hiking, yoga, camping, swimming etc)!

How do you manage your time between school and modeling and having a social life?

I have learned to prioritize the big things first and use the nooks and crannies for the other things. Typically I dedicate Monday and Friday to modeling and then Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays to classes.

What are a few of your favorite steps in your morning routine when you get ready and your evening routine winding down for bed?

I absolutely love spritzing my face in the morning with my Caudalie beauty elixir. I always apply a moisturizer with SPF by Juice Beauty. Before bed I always use eye cream and night cream and follow with my jade roller.

What are your biggest skin care concerns? How do you overcome them?

For me, being that I travel so often my skin tends to dry out and look tired. I love applying a baby facial once a week by Drunk Elephant. I also make sure to never travel in makeup and instead use a toner and moisturizer throughout the day. Oh and drink lots of water!!

How do you incorporate the Clay Mask into your skin care routine?

This clay mask is so lovely! I use it more as a spot treatment when I break out.


How do you take care of yourself on a deeper level (what do you do to stay active, healthy, and embrace your natural beauty?)

I make sure to workout and talk to friends and family daily! I also rarely wear makeup or put heat on my hair during the week unless it’s for work.

Any last words or advice?! Positive affirmations that you live by?

I came up with this a couple years ago and it helps me so much “Zero expectations. Endless hope.” I can hope that others will treat you well and/or do the right thing but you can’t expect it because if and when they do not, you won’t be let down! :)

Photo via  Instagram

Photo via Instagram


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