Key Ingredient Dictionary

The Clay Mask was carefully formulated using sustainably sourced ingredients. Take a DPR [deeper] look at the key ingredients that give the Clay Mask its magical healing properties and learn more about their benefits.


Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe vera extract is full of hydrating, softening, healing, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is incredibly moisturizing and soothing. Aloe vera extract is commonly applied to sunburned skin to calm and cool the burn. Aloe vera extract is in the Clay Mask to soothe, heal, and hydrate the skin.


Avocado Oil

A natural moisturizing ingredient, derived from the seed of the avocado. Rich in vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E, as well as essential fatty acids that all help to moisturize, heal, and protect your skin from damage. Avocado oil helps to fight off bacteria and has properties that help protect against sun damage and evens out the skin tone. Avocado oil easily absorbs into your skin, penetrating deeper than most oils, to leave your skin feeling hydrated without feeling too greasy. This is why when you wash off the Clay Mask, your skin actually feels hydrated.


Bentonite Clay

A non-comedogenic clay derived from volcanic ash that has been used to heal skin for centuries. Bentonite Clay removes toxins from the body by drawing out impurities. It is especially beneficial for acne-prone skin by unclogging pores and detoxifying the skin to calm inflammation. Bentonite Clay also gives your skin a gentle exfoliation, helping to even out your skin tone, making it feel soft and smooth, and helps with the overall glow factor. Bentonite Clay is one of the main ingredients in the Clay Mask.


Chamomile Extract

A botanical extract known for its calming properties. Just like chamomile tea, is best to drink at bedtime and helps to soothe an upset stomach. It is in the Clay Mask to soothe the skin and calm the inflammation of a blemish.


Cucumber Peel Extract

Cucumber peel extract contains moisture-binding, soothing, tightening, anti-itching, refreshing, healing, and anti-inflammatory properties. This is one of the reasons why cucumbers are often placed on the eyes at spas. While cucumber is majority water, about 95%, the peel is where most of the nutrients and vitamins are found. It contains vitamin K, antioxidants, and potassium which help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Fennel Oil

Derived from fennel seeds, Fennel oil has cleansing, detoxifying, and therapeutic properties. It contains antioxidants that help to fight off bacteria. Fennel oil helps to heal the skin and is one of the oils that make up the signature scent of the Clay Mask.


Geranium Oil

Typically derived from the green leaves of the plant rather than flowers, Geranium oil is full of botanical properties that are refreshing and act as a mild astringent. Very beneficial for oily and acne-prone skin. It also has cell-regenerating and aromatherapeutic properties, which helps to calm the mind and skin. Geranium oil is one of the oils that make up the signature scent of the Clay Mask.


Lemon Oil

A versatile aromatherapy essential oil that has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Lemon oil acts as an astringent/toner. It contains citric acid that has vitamin B and vitamin C, which helps to brighten skin complexion. Lemon oil provides a natural fresh scent in the Clay Mask.


Salicylic Acid

A beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that is great for acne prone skin because it exfoliates dead skin cells that build up on the surface of the skin which can lead to clogged pores and trapped dirt and bacteria which cause breakouts. It is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antiseptic. The exfoliating properties it has helps to even out the skin tone. It is a key ingredient in the Clay Mask to help cleanse the skin and penetrate deeper into a clogged pore to remove or clear out the blemish.


Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood oil is full of astringent, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and soothing properties. It is a good antiseptic for acne-prone and oily skin. Sandalwood oil also helps to promote cell turnover and also helps to prevent dryness. Along with its amazing acne fighting properties, it is naturally calming, and makes up the signature scent of the Clay Mask.


Tea Tree Oil

A natural preservative that helps to keep a product fresh and stable with antiseptic, germicidal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used topically to treat cuts, wounds, skin infections, stop itching, and reduce redness. Tea tree oil can be a little overpowering and strong when used on its own, that’s why it’s in the Clay Mask to work its magic with a blend of other calming and healing ingredients.