How I Embrace My Imperfections

For the longest time, I’ve been striving for perfection, perfect skin, perfect photos, perfect everything… I’ve come to realize that striving for perfection is unrealistic and it stresses me out and makes me focus on my imperfections in a negative light. Going on social media, it’s so easy to compare yourself to someone’s “perfect” life, family, relationship, skin, etc. I’m guilty of this. We know social media is a highlight reel of someone’s best/most important moments. But even with knowing that, sometimes it’s important to take a step back and spend less time scrolling.


While looking at people’s lives through a filter is intriguing, I personally try to share things from an unfiltered perspective. My skin is not perfect and it is something I’m working on constantly with the help of the Clay Mask, staying calm, and eating healthy, but I don’t believe in editing photos to portray my skin as perfect for the sake of Instagram. I think embracing yourself and your skin where you’re at in that moment captures more of your beauty and self-confidence rather than looking flawless for a post.

By letting go of the comparison and feelings of envy that often come up when we see the perfect photo, we can remind ourselves that this is not real. No one is pore-less without any imperfections. As challenging as it can be, embracing your imperfections will make you feel more beautiful and perfectly unique because those imperfections make you who you are!

I’ve struggled with breaking out and picking my skin which leads to scarring and more breakouts. It’s taken me a long time to be ok with my skin and embrace it for what it is, even on the bad days of hormonal and stress breakouts. That is the exact reason why I created the Clay Mask. Knowing that I have a product that helps to quickly heal my breakouts has helped me to stop striving for perfection. It has helped me to not stress when I do break out because I know it will be healed with the help of the Clay Mask in no time.

A few ways to embrace your imperfections

  • Avoid looking at your face/body in the mirror if you tend to inspect and pick yourself apart. The way we see ourselves isn’t how everyone else sees us. Most people might not even notice the imperfections you focus on.

  • Do things that you enjoy doing regardless if they are considered cool or trendy. And keep things simple. We can get so wrapped up in trying to keep up that we forget what actually brings us joy.

  • Eat healthy, whole foods that make you feel good. Don’t stress about eating perfectly or following a certain diet (unless you’ve been advised to do so by your doctor).

  • Most importantly if and when you do break out, don’t stress about it and pick at your skin. Simply spot treat the breakout with the Clay Mask and let it heal the blemished area for you.


Xo, Danielle

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