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The Clay Mask


Meet The Clay Mask


a multi-use mask

Kiss acne blemishes and pimples goodbye and achieve clear, glowing skin with the Clay Mask.


What people are saying

“Your clay mask product is simply amazing! My daughter, Madison, has tried everything from prescriptions, to over the counter medication, to expensive Multi Level Marketing products and been met with very limited success for her cystic acne. Since began using the DPR SKN mask daily - and using it for spot treatments her skin looks incredible! It never over dries her fragile skin, feels soothing, and now she doesn’t pick and scar her face because she trusts and knows her breakouts will be gone with the clay! I’m not over stating it when I say she had gained her confidence back! And her face and skin look beautiful. Thank you DPR SKN for the AMAZING product!!”

- Stacie




I created the Clay Mask to quickly heal stubborn blemishes. I have very sensitive acne-prone skin and when I breakout and stress, I tend to pick at the blemishes. I was sick of always having bad skin, so I developed the Clay Mask to heal my skin and protect it from feature breakouts.”

- Danielle Priyanka Ramchandani, Founder of DPR SKN


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