Skin Confidence

We are all about embracing our natural beauty and having confidence in our skin. We want you to feel the same! One of our company objectives is to encourage our customers to go deeper with their skin care journey and have confidence in the skin they’re in.

Skin confidence is focusing on the positives and things you love about yourself and use that as strength to feel your best. It’s about using quality products like our Clay Mask, that heal, treat, soothe, and protect your skin so you don’t need to cover it up with a ton of makeup to feel good… unless you’re into getting glammed up. Skin confidence is knowing that even if you start breaking out from stress, diet, hormones or whatever may be the cause, you know your skin will heal quickly. Skin confidence is not picking at your skin when you break out, it’s applying the Clay Mask to heal your skin. Skin confidence is not letting your day be ruined when you get a pimple. Skin confidence is being kind and gentle to your skin and yourself and letting your confidence exude!

A few of our simple and favorite ways to practice skin confidence if you’re acne breakouts are getting you down:

  1. Don’t Pick - If you’re tempted to pick at your skin when you feel a new pimple starting to form, don’t spend time inspecting your face in the mirror, keep your nails short, and keep your tweezers away so you’re not tempted to pick at your skin. It will only make it worse.

  2. SPF - Always wear sunscreen, sunnies, and a hat when you’re spending the day in the sun to prevent sun damage that can cause hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, and darken acne scars.  

  3. Less is more - Use a few quality products, your skin will look better and feel better when you have a simple routine. Avoid wearing makeup when you have active breakouts, just spot treat them with the Clay Mask until they heal. Practice patience with your skin and give it time to breathe and heal.

  4. Healthy Eating - Eat whole foods and drink more water. Add in lots of leafy greens, dark fruits, and vegetables that are full of vitamins and antioxidants that your skin love. And of course, cut out the processed foods!

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