Let It Be

When you get a blemish, the first thing you want to do is get rid of it. While popping it and picking it is often the go-to move, try to keep your hands off your face. No matter how tempted you are to pop or pick a blemish, it only makes things worse. Think about it... Your hands touch tons of things each day, so all the germs and bacteria that have accumulated from all the things you've touched can spread to your face. When you try to pop a blemish before it's ready it can cause more harm than good, irritating the skin causing scaring and more blemishes. This is why if you get blemishes in a certain area of your face and you pick at it they seem to never go away. The bacteria can go back under your skin and cause more breakouts. If you tend to rest your head in your hands and you're prone to breaking out, make a conscious effort to not touch your face. By not touching your face you'll notice your blemishes will clear up faster making your complexion soft, smooth, and free of inflammation. Once your blemish has developed into a whitehead then only can you properly extract it following these simple steps!

Remember everyone gets blemishes every once in a while, so when one pops up on your skin, it's not the end of the world. While it may be a bummer and you may not feel your best, trust me, I know this all too well, it is important to remember not to stress out. I tend to get stressed easily and I definitely notice my skin suffers. The key is to stay relaxed and calm. I reduce my stress by meditating, deep breathing when I feel overwhelmed, getting some fresh air, and refocusing my overwhelming thoughts. Taking a relaxing bath, walking, or practicing yoga all help to get the stressful thoughts and worries out of your mind. These simple things will help reduce stress-related break outs. 


Take care of your body and skin, by eating well, staying hydrated, and not stressing out or picking at your face! Trust me your blemishes will heal faster!

xo, Danielle

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