Behind the Mask: On A DPR Level with Sydney Kohler

DPR SKN is skin care that goes deeper, through our product and the Journal we share our advice, skin care and wellness tips, and overall how to be the best you can be. We love to read interviews and get a glimpse of people’s lives. We see that all day long on social media but do we really know each other? This is the first of our series Behind the Mask where we get to know each other on a DPR level.


Tell us a little about yourself... name, age, where you live, what you do?

Hey, my name is Sydney and I’m 21 years old. I currently go back-and-forth between Utah and California while I’m attending college. I’m often outdoors and enjoying things like working out, hikes, the beach and the mountains— whatever it is I love it!



What are your biggest skin care concerns? How do you overcome them?

With an active lifestyle and constantly being on the go it’s hard to take care of my skin. Some days it seems like the odds are against me, and I eventually get a small breakout. To counteract this I try to use masks at night and in the morning. This is why I chose the DPR SKN Clay Mask, it’s the perfect product to take with me everywhere I go.



How do you incorporate the Clay Mask into your skin care routine?

The DPR SKN Clay Mask radiates my skin! It keeps my skin tone (which can be blotchy) even. It keeps anyone’s skin glowing, looking clean and refreshed. The best part is it’s great for any breakouts, especially when you’re on the go. I’ll either spot on the Clay Mask where I want it at night or throughout the day to keep my face controlled and looking its best!



How do you take care of yourself on a deeper level (what do you do to stay active, healthy, and embrace your natural beauty?)

Self care is important! For me, it’s detrimental if I don’t take the time to relax, meditate and balance myself. The DPR SKN Clay Mask is more than just a mask, I’m able to take that time I need for myself when I put it on and feel rejuvenated after.


Photography by Alli Kohler | Shot in Salt Lake City

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