Behind the Mask: On A DPR Level with Lorissa Violet

DPR SKN is skin care that goes deeper. Our philosophy is about helping people to get on a deeper level with their own skin care by integrating wellness and self-love to promote a healthy lifestyle. Through our product and the Journal, we share our advice, skin care and wellness tips, and overall how to be the best you can be. We love to read interviews and get a glimpse of people’s lives. We see that all day long on social media but do we really know each other?

For our latest Behind the Mask feature, we chatted with the beautiful Lorissa Violet. She’s the ultimate classy businesswoman, working in tech, with a love for self-care and staying active. Lorissa is a total sweetheart and opened up her home to us and shared how she uses the Clay Mask. Get to know this beauty on a DPR [deeper] level...

Tell us a little about yourself.. age, where you live, what you do, etc.

I am 27, I live in Irvine. I work in cyber security and love to stay active via yoga, boxing, hiking, Pilates. I also love to read.

What are your biggest skin care concerns? How do you overcome them?

I have sensitive skin that is prone to breaking out! I overcome my skin issues by sticking to my skincare routine, getting regular facials, eating a healthy diet, keeping a sleep routine, and drinking lots of water. These are a must!

What happens when you breakout and how does it make you feel?

You know, this is an interesting question. If you asked me this 6 months ago I'd say it makes me feel terrible, I would cancel meetings and feel so down and "gross." Now, I do not feel that way. It does bother me, but from the perspective of "Okay my skin is telling me something I need to fix and I am thankful for that." Is it diet? Am I dehydrated? Is it hormones? I now think of it is an indicator for bettering my health. In the words of Kendall Jenner, when asked about her acne, "You can’t let that sh!t stop you!” It shouldn't be debilitating. In the big scheme of life, GO LIVE YOUR LIFE, little bumps on the face can’t get in the way of you being amazing. HOWEVER, sometimes diet, dehydration, and maybe a change in medication, etc., can be a long and weary process so I do always love to have products that can make me feel great and know that it’s working even in the midst of a breakout.


You’re always traveling for work or doing something fun, how do you incorporate the Clay Mask into your skin care routine?

One of the great things about the Clay Mask is that it doesn’t run or drip and dries almost translucent. I love to put the Clay Mask on as a spot treatment before flights, or as a full mask during downtime in my hotel room. For those of us with skin that is behaving badly it’s so easy to want to pick at our skin. The Clay Mask as a spot treatment deters me from picking at my skin because I know if I put some of the mask on before a flight, the blemish will be reduced or even gone by the time I land.

How do you take care of yourself on a deeper level (what do you do to stay active, healthy, and embrace your natural beauty?)

I think of health and beauty as a general state of being! I only like to use and eat things that are wholesome and honest. A healthy mind helps too, which I get from a good sleep schedule and lots of yoga and hiking. All of these combined keep me looking and feeling my best.

Favorite quote or positive affirmation you live by?

I think my favorite quote right now is "Is it better to be right or to be happy?"

In today's world I feel many are so focused on being RIGHT even at the expense of one’s own happiness. I have learned in work and in my personal life to ask myself "is it better to be right or to be happy?” Not to be confused with giving in or giving up, but more-so being strong and wise enough to put your defenses down when giving up short-term "I am right!" for the long-term "I am happy!”

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