3 Ways to Apply the Clay Mask

The Clay Mask was carefully formulated to be used many ways to obtain a beautiful, clear complexion. Whenever a new breakout starts to form, apply the Clay Mask and let it work its magic!

1. All-Over Face Mask

Apply the Clay Mask to dry, freshly cleansed skin. The formulation was designed so you can build upon the coverage for areas that may need a little extra care. You may notice a slight tingly sensation - that’s a good thing as the mask is activating on your skin and will subside in a few minutes. Keep the Clay Mask on for about 10 minutes or until dry. It will dry into a light gray powdery consistency, depending on the thickness of the application. Wash the Clay Mask off with warm water or a damp washcloth. It will wash off easily, providing a gentle cleansing exfoliation to your skin. There is no need to re-wash your face after. Your skin will feel refreshed and smooth, and any redness will be calmed. Your breakouts will be well on their way to being healed! Follow up with your favorite moisturizer. Applying the Clay Mask all over 2-3 times per week for a clear complexion.

If needed you can apply it as a spot treatment after masking for extra care on blemished areas.


2. Spot Treatment

The Clay Mask as a spot treatment is by far my favorite way to apply it. Whenever I feel a new blemish starting to appear, I apply the Clay Mask to quickly heal and clear the blemish. If I’m lounging at home I’ll the let Clay Mask work its magic during the day, otherwise, after I’ve showered and applied moisturizer I put on the Clay Mask before bed and sleep with it on. I will apply it every night until the blemished area is healed, which is typically 3 nights. Many times when I feel a new painful blemish starting to develop on my cheek or forehead, I’ll apply the Clay Mask on it as an overnight spot treatment for a few nights in a row and the blemish will never grow or form, it simply disappears - that is the magic of the Clay Mask that I knew I had to share with all of you! The Clay Mask was carefully formulated to work on any part of the body. If you break out on your back, apply the Clay Mask as a spot treatment. It works great to help heal ingrown hairs too.


3. Primer Under Makeup

A little extra bonus of the Clay Mask is that you can apply it under your makeup to reduce redness and calm inflammation to heal blemishes throughout the day. Apply a thin layer to the affected area after applying moisturizer and before you apply foundation or powder. Rub it in like you would with moisturizer.


Let us know your favorite way to apply the Clay Mask!

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