Skin care that goes deeper
Kiss acne blemishes, pimples, blackheads, and ingrown hairs goodbye with the only face mask/spot treatment duo you need to leave your skin feeling calm, hydrated, and blemish-free!

“I absolutely love my Clay Mask! I put it on in the mornings on weekends before I start my day and at night before bed if I have any points of issue and within 2 days those spots are gone! Absolutely the best face mask ever! It’s soothing, smells great, and works magic for my skin.”
— Morgan, 17
“The DPR SKN Clay Mask was life changing for me. My favorite way to use it is as a spot treatment. It has taken place of all other zit treatments for me because it works well to reduce the inflammation and rid the zit with out drying out my skin. I used to get some bad hormonal and stress break outs. My skin was in physical pain, and to treat it often led to more pain from products hurting my sensitive skin. Now I rub the DPR SKN Clay Mask in to any break outs after I wash my face and I’ve had the best 3 months of skin in my life. Thank you for this product!!!”
— Candis, 30
Clay Mask
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Clay Mask
“I’ve used this mask as both a spot treatment and a full mask and am impressed by the results. I’m amazed that it is a clay mask that actually hydrates rather than dries out the skin. It left my skin feeling smooth, soft , bright and clear and reduced the size of the blemishes I did have.”
— Khamila, 34
“I have very sensitive skin and when I use this mask I don’t get any bad skin reactions. It also stops all of my breakouts and leaves my skin feeling nice and soft. This is definitely my all time favorite mask and helps my skin so much!!”
— Kayla, 13
“I love this face mask! I use it on my full face about twice a week to keep my skin clear. I like this mask because it doesn’t dry out my face like other clay masks might. I also use it as a spot treatment practically every night to get rid of smaller blemishes. All my roommates keep asking to borrow, we love it!”
— Allison, 21