Customer Reviews

I have struggled with my skin ever since I was young. Anything from cystic acne to blackheads, and I tried so many different products to not only try to heal what was already happening to me, but to try to prevent it, only it seemed like nothing was quite working right. After only a few days of using DPR SKN the pimples I had either disappeared or shrunk by at least 50%!!! It’s a magical overnight treatment and leaves your skin glowing and feeling fresh. This is honestly a product I have been looking for my whole life.
— Brooke, 29
BEST CLAY MASK EVER! I used it as spot treatment for a blemish 3 nights in a row and it’s gone! I will 100% be adding this product to my nightly routine.
— Taylor, 25
Greatest Mask Ever!!! I put brilliant Dani’s mask on my nose to help with blackheads and it’s the only product that’s EVER worked!! Thank you Danielle... wonderful product! I love it!
— Loralee, 53
I loved everything about this product! The Clay Mask works wonders as both a mask and spot treatment and I will 100% buy it again!
— Kate, 17
The Clay Mask has helped my skin a lot. It helps me with redness and inflammation. I use it as a full mask once a week and as a spot treatment throughout the week.
— Hailey, 17
My favorite ways to use the Clay Mask are as a face wash, spot treatment, and concealer. As a face wash it leaves my face feeling clean and super soft. As a spot treatment and concealer it helps my pimples go down and calms the redness. It smells great, I love it! And the best part is it keeps my skin clear so I don’t have to wear any makeup!
— Brooke, 17
Your clay mask product is simply amazing! My daughter Madison has tried everything from prescriptions, to over the counter medication, to expensive Multi Level Marketing products and been met with very limited success for her cystic acne. Since began using the DPR SKN mask daily - and using it for spot treatments her skin looks incredible! It never over dries her fragile skin, feels soothing, and now she doesn’t pick and scar her face because she trusts and knows her breakouts will be gone with the clay! I’m not over stating it when I say she had gained her confidence back! And her face and skin look beautiful. Thank you DPR SKN for the AMAZING product!!
— Stacie
Great overnight spot treatment! It clears zits up quickly without over drying. I would recommend to anyone looking for a way to clarify their skin!
— Robyn, 26
Besides the brighter and even toned skin I got from 3 applications, the mask is cooling and refreshing. I sleep with it on for maximum results. I am definitely a fan and a new customer.
— Jacqueline, 54
The DPR SKN mask is stupendous! It really cleared out my skin and removed any pimples, thus leaving my skin looking really fresh and vibrant. DPR SKN really goes deeper into your skin and does it’s magic!
— Abigail, 16
I am so happy I discovered dpr skn. I always reach for it when I start getting breakouts and I can see results just from 1 use. I try to incorporate it in my skin care routine at least 2x a week. I also love the packaging, which is a great plus, since you can leave it on your bathroom counter and it reminds me to use it. I will definitely be repurchasing this mask.
— Anda, 27
I love this mask! My skin was breaking out and really dry because of winter, but I’ve been putting the Clay Mask on my nose, cheeks, forehead, and chin and it makes my blemishes smaller, less red, and less inflamed. My skin is really clearing up because of it!
— Aubrie, 16
I used this as a spot treatment at night and noticed a significant decrease in any blemishes I put it on! I love that it is natural and doesn’t dry out my skin. This is definitely staying in my bathroom as a must-have!
— Robin, 41
This is an amazing mask! It smells so fresh and you can feel it working. I have dry skin so I use it as a spot treatment and my blemishes are gone the next day, I highly recommend it!
— Brelynne, 16
I have very sensitive skin and when I use this mask I don’t get any bad skin reactions. It also stops all of my breakouts and leaves my skin feeling nice and soft. This is definitely my all time favorite mask and helps my skin so much!!
— Kayla, 13
I’ve used this mask as both a spot treatment and a full mask and am impressed by the results. I’m amazed that it is a clay mask that actually hydrates rather than dries out the skin. It left my skin feeling smooth, soft , bright and clear and reduced the size of the blemishes I did have.
— Khamila, 34
I really enjoyed this face mask. After using it my skin felt very clear and soft. It also is really helpful for putting on certain spots that need overnight treatment. Overall amazing mask & I would buy again!
— Taylor, 21
I don’t have many outbreaks these days, but when I start to see something coming on I spot treat it before I go to bed and most of the time no blemishes even form. It feels nice and refreshing and I recommend DPR SKN to anybody looking for a solution to their acne problems!
— Nick, 30
I use DPR SKN as a spot treatment when I get breakouts on my jawline. Oftentimes they stay below the surface as a large sensitive bump, and last for a week to 10 days. I found that after a few nights of spot treatments with DPR SKN, the problem areas subside much quicker than they used to, while leaving my skin feeling healthy. Great product!
— Sam, 26
The DPR SKN Clay Mask was life changing for me. My favorite way to use it is as a spot treatment. It has taken place of all other zit treatments for me because it works well to reduce the inflammation and rid the zit with out drying out my skin. I used to get some bad hormonal and stress break outs. My skin was in physical pain, and to treat it often led to more pain from products hurting my sensitive skin. Now I rub the DPR SKN Clay Mask in to any break outs after I wash my face and I’ve had the best 3 months of skin in my life. Thank you for this product!!!
— Candis, 30
I’m a 54 year old woman with extremely sensitive skin. My chest often gets a red itchy rash and when I scratch it the rash just spreads. I usually put a prescription steroid cream on the rash, but it is very harsh and thins my already delicate skin. This morning, I decided to try the Clay Mask and I was absolutely amazed at the results. Instantly the itching went away and within an hour the rash was calm and no longer red! Needless to say, I’m now a firm believer of this wonderful product! So glad I came across it.
— Patty, 54
In my teens and early 20’s I was guilty of picking at my skin when I broke out, which led to scarring and discoloration. Since finding the Clay Mask, I put it on as a spot treatment at the onset of a breakout, and it is gone within 1-2 days. I also use the Clay Mask regularly to freshen up my whole face. My skin is soft, bright, and radiant. I love what the Clay Mask has done for my complexion!
— Brittany, 28
I have oily skin and if left untreated I can get really bad breakouts all at once. I started using the Clay Mask after getting breakouts and in a few days my skin cleared up. Now I use the Clay Mask regularly and I haven’t had a breakout in months! Awesome product. Smells, feels, and works amazing!
— Brett, 24
I love how it’s detoxing, but hydrating. There’s not a lot of masks out there that have 2-in-1 benefits and it’s natural, which is always a plus!
— Lindsay, 21
This mask is amazing! What I liked best about it is that after I washed it off, my skin felt soft & hydrated, not dry and tight like with some other masks. It tingled a bit at first, but overall felt super great on my skin. Big fan!
— Kyle, 32
I love this face mask! I use it on my full face about twice a week to keep my skin clear. I like this mask because it doesn’t dry out my face like other clay masks might. I also use it as a spot treatment practically every night to get rid of smaller blemishes. All my roommates keep asking to borrow, we love it!
— Allison, 21
Thank you for the Clay Mask! I love it!
— Tara, 16
I absolutely love my Clay Mask! I put it on in the mornings on weekends before I start my day and at night before bed if I have any points of issue and within 2 days those spots are gone! Absolutely the best face mask ever! It’s soothing, smells great, and works magic for my skin.
— Morgan, 17
I’m usually scared to try new products because of how sensitive my skin is, but the DPR SKN Clay Mask has actually helped with my small breakouts and dry skin so much! I use it almost every night.
— Samantha, 21
The Clay Mask is by far the most versatile and aethestically pleasing skin product I own. The sandalwood scent is the perfect hint of relaxation, and I love that I can feel the tee tree oil fighting my pimples before they pop up. The Clay Mask is the perfect addition to my skincare routine to reduce redness, keep my skin bright, and keep blemishes away! And to top it all off, it comes in the cutest little packaging!
— Taylor, 21
I love the DPR Clay Mask because I can actually see the results! I use it almost everyday to help stop breakouts and soothe my dry skin. Definitely my favorite clay mask!
— Megan, 21
The Clay Mask has helped my skin more than any other product I’ve used in my struggle with adult acne. Not only did it calm my existing pimples and lighten my acne scars, but it’s stopped my skin from developing any new pimples.
— Anna, 26
The Clay Mask instantly made my pimple better and made it stop stinging. My skin feels so soft and smooth after. My favorite way to apply it is as an overnight spot treatment, my breakouts usually never form after spot treating them for a few nights!
— Krista, 21