The Journey

My passion of beauty and skin care started when I was very young. I have four sisters and growing up I would always do their makeup and practiced different hairstyles on them, I loved everything about it and always wanted to have my own beauty company. During high school I had clear skin, only getting a few blemishes here and there. It wasn't until the end of high school and the start of college that my skin started to break out. This greatly affected my self-confidence and stress levels. In order to help combat the breakouts, I researched and tried out many different products. Through all of my searches, I never found an anti-acne product that I truly loved and thought worked well for me. While my skin seemed to be constantly breaking out, my interest in skin care and wellness grew as I started to learn more about ingredients and how they affected my body. During my time studying at FIDM, I decided to actively research and develop my own skin care line using pure and natural ingredients. My goal was to develop my line straight out of college but, life had a different plan for me. After a few years of working in the skin care and beauty industry, I researched and perfected the ingredient combination and was able to create a few essential skin care products that I was very proud of and most importantly, worked well!  

DPR SKN-DanielleRamchandani-

Now, fast forward a few years... I am extremely excited and happy to announce that the journey with DPR SKN is finally beginning. I am currently updating and perfecting one of my favorite product creations that will help to calm and improve the skin's complexion. A product that I am working on to get just right and I can't wait to share it with all of you!  
Through this little blog, it has been my goal to share my skin care knowledge and wellness tips to guide whomever comes across it to be the best they can be, to think positively, to be confident in their skin, and to be kind and caring to others!  DPR SKN has always been my passion and where I focus all my positive energy. I greatly appreciate the love and support for DPR SKN thus far. Keep following the DPR SKN journey for updates on the progress of the first product launch and skin care and wellness knowledge on a deeper level!  

xo, Danielle

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