A sanctuary is a place where you can just be. A sanctuary is unique to you. It is a place where you find a sense of comfort, happiness, and calmness. A place to be alone and think. With all that is going on in life, it is important to remember to set aside some time to go to your sanctuary to think and just be. Whether it's your bedroom, a beautiful beach, a serene park - your sanctuary is your happy place, a place to go for some me time. Your sanctuary can change depending on where you are in the world and what your currently trying to accomplish, but let it be a place of peace. Find your sanctuary by simply taking a deep breath, knowing what you love and where you feel most complete.  

My sanctuary is definitely down by the ocean, especially later in the day when the crowds tend to leave and long golden shadows fill the sand as the sun begins to set. There is something so calming in sitting on the sand and hearing the waves crashing on the shore, such a peaceful, yet powerful place to be. I am grateful to live close to such beautiful beaches. 


A place to think

A place to meditate 

A place to read a book 

A place to connect with nature  

A place to be the person you truly are 

A place to enjoy the simple things in life

xo, Danielle

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