On A DPR Level: The Clay Mask

The signature product: The Clay Mask, was created for a very specific purpose — to help clear up my skin. I was in college and going through a very stressful time in my life, and I was constantly breaking out with painful acne blemishes all over my face. I used products that would burn or dry out my skin and I didn’t see any positive improvements. I was constantly breaking out on my forehead, cheeks, and t-zone. In every photo I took my blemishes always stood out and it affected my self-confidence. After years of research and working in the beauty industry, I decided to create a product that not only helped clear up my skin, but left my skin feeling calm, smooth and hydrated. Carefully formulating the clay mask with detoxifying and anti-inflammatory ingredients that purify and calm the skin was key. The Clay Mask is a simple, yet effective mask that works well with the natural skin cycle to heal blemishes without drying out the skin.

I tested the product on my face and saw positive results. My painful blemishes started to clear up and I noticed my acne scars faded, leaving a calm and clear complexion. When I do break out, the Clay Mask helps to calm and quickly heal the blemish.

The Clay Mask was created to use all over your body. Blemishes always pop up where we least expect them or want them. The Clay Mask works like a charm on ingrown hairs too!

I have shared the Clay Mask with my sisters and friends and have seen it work right before my eyes. It was in these instances that I knew the Clay Mask would be my signature product and would be able to help so many.


Instead of feeling like you have to cover up your skin with make-up, I developed the the Clay Mask to help clear your skin and give you an extra boost of confidence to embrace your beauty and let it shine through to accentuate your natural beauty! 


xo, Danielle

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