Embracing a healthier lifestyle of eating well and taking better care of your body can be a difficult journey. However, indulging in a little treat now and then is not going to do any harm. In fact, it is actually more beneficial for your overall wellness and happiness. Moderation is the avoidance of extreme excess, having control, and knowing when to stop. Moderation and balance are key in life. Working hard and being dedicated to achieve your goals and dreams are important, but don't over-do it to the point of stressing yourself out. While sometimes going all in to make changes to better your life is necessary, when it comes to your health, wellness, and skin care routines, keeping things balanced and taking it one step at a time to improve yourself will still create positive results. Over-doing it and taking extreme measures can be overwhelming and cause you to burn out. Whether it be practicing healthy eating habits, exercising regularly, or taking better care of your skin, doing things the right way and in moderation will only benefit you in the long run.  

Moderation in skin care is an important element in having your skin look and feel it's best. Your skin is pretty remarkable that when it is treated and cared for the right way, it will heal itself pretty quickly – although not always as quickly as we would like. However, over-indulging in products such as mask, spot treatments, and scrubs may cause adverse reactions that may dry-out or irritate your skin creating more problems. That's why some days it may be necessary to apply products to your face to help clear it up and others it's best to just let it be.  

 Moderation is... 

Instead of sitting on the couch eating a whole bag of chips, sit at the table and eat a few chips with a delicious sandwich.  

Don't eat a huge banana split with caramel, chocolate, and strawberry sauce with whipped cream, have one or two scoops of your favorite ice cream.  

Exercising to feel energized and strong, not working out for hours on end. 

Enjoying our favorite homemade chocolate chip cookies...


Being present, accepting, and mindfully listening to your body is the key to balance and moderation. 

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