Behind the Mask: On A DPR Level with Ella McFadin

DPR SKN [deeper skin] is skin care that goes deeper, through our product and the Journal we share our advice, skin care and wellness tips, and how to be the best you can be. We love to read interviews and get a glimpse of people’s lives. We see that all day long on social media, but do we really know each other?
For our latest Behind the Mask feature, we chatted with the beautiful Ella McFadin, or as you may know her on instagram, as @ellaarose! She’s a lover of fashion and wellness. A true natural beauty and has a great eye for style! Get to know Ella on a DPR [deeper] level...


Tell us a little about yourself… age, where you live, what you do, etc.

I am 21 and currently living in Boulder, Colorado finishing up my last semester of school. Home is in Newport Beach, California, so I will be heading back there or LA when I finish up and graduate in December. I am hoping to do something within the fashion industry once I graduate or possibly start a line of my own... we will see!

What are your biggest skin care concerns? How do you overcome them?

My biggest skin care concern is dealing with dryness. I have always had really dry skin and especially when traveling or moving back and forth between CO and CA my skin kind of freaks out a little. I love doing hydrating masks, lots of moisturizer, and even oils/serums a couple nights a week to really make it soft and smooth.

How do you incorporate the Clay Mask into your skin care routine?

I have been using the Clay Mask once or twice a week to help keep my skin clear. If I have a little breakout or some random pimples, I use it as a spot treatment on the areas that need it most. Or if I am just feeling like my skin is craving a mask I put it all over my face and it feels very rejuvenated after. I love the Clay Mask and it truly helps clear up my skin when necessary.

How do you take care of yourself on a deeper level (what do you do to stay active, healthy, and embrace your natural beauty?)

I am a very dedicated yogi. Not only to help me stay active but it really helps my mind in being present and leaving the outside world for a little bit. I also love going on hikes or doing spin classes to incorporate some cardio into my routine. I don't follow any strict diet, but I enjoy eating healthy meals consisting of lots of fruits and veggies. My favorite meal is a hearty quinoa or rice bowl with veggies! I just feel better throughout my days when I eat healthy and am able to sleep better at night. Right now, I have been trying to cut meat out of my diet and am really considering going vegetarian as it has been making me feel a lot better and more awake/alert.

Any last words or advice?!

Some advice I always try to remind myself of is don't take things personal, focus on staying grounded and self aware... It's key!



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